What we do

Red Boss Group provides expert services around Enterprise class, Open Source technologies.

From establishing managed service platforms for banking clients, to migrating entire application portfolios to the cloud-based middleware, to real-time integration between on-premises and cloud based applications such as Salesforce and ServiceNow.

Whatever your challenge, be it Digital Transformation, be it Integration, DevOps or CI/CD,

Red Boss can help you to deliver.

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Middleware As A Service capability development

Ask us about how we designed, implemented and helped to support middleware-as-a-service platforms, based on Enterprise class Open Source technologies, for global clients in Banking and Logistics sectors.

Mitigate risk with our repeatable, predictable environment provisioning and automated security patching that ensures hardened base images are kept up-to-date to protect against evolving threats.

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DevOps & CI/CD automation

Ask us about our portfolio-level application migration services.

We can modernise your entire portfolio, standardise the build cycle and implement Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD).

Move your entire application portfolio from WebLogic or Websphere to an Enterprise class Open Source platform.

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Real-time integration for Digital Transformation

Ask us about how we can implement real-time integration of on-premises systems with cloud based SaaS platforms such as Salesforce and ServiceNow.

Ensure data changes are propagated in real-time to the cloud using event-based architecture and advanced messaging techniques.

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To find out how Red Boss can assist your organisation, just call us or email.  We are here to help.